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360 full range of cooling and heating, freezing at minus 10 to
positive 45 heating, 4 groups cycle modes for operation,
parameters can be set flexibly; 8 pcs different sizes cryo handles are
suitable for different size are as and body shape


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The latest method of frozen fat is a new method that is more effective
than other non invasive methods. A revolutionary idea of dissolving fat.
Studies have shown that subcutaneous lipid rich cells can be selectively
affected by cooling subcutaneous tissue to temperatures below 10
degrees Celsius . Lipid rich cells can be affected by rupture, contraction,
damage, destruction, removal, killing, or other changes. Without
theoretical limitations, it is believed that the high selectivity of lipid rich
cells is t hat they do not induce crystallization in non lipid rich cells, and
that highly saturated fatty acids are locally crystallized. The crystals break
into double membranes rich in lipid cells, which selectively cause necrosis
of these cells. Therefore, it is possible to avoid the damage of non lipid
rich cells, such as dermal cells, at the temperature induced by
crystallization in lipid rich cells. Through the local cold exposure induced
by stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system, increased lipolysis.


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