Anti-Bac Serum foc sos ance care facial


Beauty Face’s powerful anti-bacterial serum treats all skin imperfections. Remove pimples and prevent the appearance of new ones with it.

  • Your purchase come with a BF SOS ANTI-BAC Facial (UP $ 280) FOR 1st Trial only.
    Anti bac provides everyday cleansing, miniaturisation and protection by taking care of skin with skin loving ingredients and vitamins, but also removing up to 90% of bacteria, with a kind enough anti-bacterial
    Cleanse           – Beauty Face Anti-bac cleansing milk (pump 1g)
    Cleanse           – Beauty Face Anti-bac foaming cleansing (pump 1g)
    Scrub                – Beauty Face Cream scrub
    Steam                       – 10 to 20 mines
    Extraction      – use anti-septic lotion on extraction area
    Eyebrow Trimming
    High Frequency       – Whole Face
    Face Massage             -Point Pressure or light massage
     Anti bac creamy Mask   -Beauty Face Anti Bac CREAMY Mask 20 min
    Anti Bac Serum                   – Apply whole face
    Toner + Moisturizer
    3 in 1 SPF 40 sun cream
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Benefits Of Beauty Face Anti-Bac Serum

● Makes skin less oily and red.
● Get a flawless, even complexion.
● Make your skin more bright and flawless-looking.
● Reduce the number of spots and acne on your face.
● Reducing skin irritation and pores, as well as damage prevention and healing, is achieved by rejuvenating dull skin.

How To Use

● Apply a small amount of mask to the impacted area (pimple).
● Give yourself at least 30 minutes to de-stress.
● The longer you leave the product, the more efficient it will be.
● Then, using a spatula or a cotton pad, remove the mask.
● Cleanse the mask to clear any residue.

Treat all skin flaws with this potent anti-bacterial concentrate.


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