$98 days Unlimited -Nano Bio Wave Pain Management


Use Nanotechnology with bio waves to relieve the discomfort, starting   with a full-body compress technique. It can ease the strain associated with demanding work or athletic endeavours. Additionally, it promotes blood circulation and instant relief from pain.


Nano Bio Wave Pain Management (Nano Acu Meridian Immuno-healing)

  1. Opens the body’s lymphatic vessels and facilitates detoxification.
  2. Addresses obesity and cellulite concerns effectively.
  3. Minimizes muscle pain and discomfort.
  4. Activates the body’s organs for improved function.
  5. Releases active oxygen into the body.
  6. Balances the body’s energy levels.
  7. Enhances blood circulation for better health.
  8. Reduces fatigue and boosts energy.
  9. Improves skin quality and promotes metabolic activity.
  10. Normalizes the endocrine hormonal system, maximizing immune function.
  11. Stabilizes the body’s systems, providing relief from stress and anxiety.
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Grab popular instant pain relief services and get a Super deal Trial @$98 (for 30 days unlimited (Limited for those who have shoulder or back Knee pain) at our offline outlets BF Health & Skincare. (Usual price: $180 per session) (for who having shoulder, head, back pain, knee only)

Nano Bio Wave Pain Management (Nano Acu Meridian Immuno-healing)

he alternative method of pain relief therapy, which does not involve medication but combines acupuncture points with nano wave technology, aims to enhance pain relief and boost the body’s immune system.



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