Nano Lightening Relax Toner


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This gentle alcohol free lotion enriched with anti-inflammatory bisabolol extracts calms problem skin after cleansing and tightens open pores.

Nano technology involves tiny liposome‐based Nano-carriers that allow for deep penetration of the skin into the deep layers of the dermis, which allow for better absorption and increased efficacy of the product. The liposome-based Nano‐carriers are also loaded with a great variety of molecules such as vitamin A, C, amongst others, which are slowly released into the live cell layers, achieving the best effect.


  • Skin is protected and refreshed with aloe bardadensis leaf juice, morus alba leaf extract, licorice root extract and hyaluronic acid
  • Tightens pores
  • Calms problem skin with its gentle and anti-inflammatory bisabolol extracts

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