Whitening Serum


(5ml x 5pcs)

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Specially formulated to erase irregular pigmentation and add radiance to dry or aging skin.

The active ingredient, licorice extract, is effective at very low concentrations and has a better anti-tyrosinase activity (prevention of melanin production) than other common ingredients used in whitening products. Diacetyl boldine and ascophyllumnodosum extract also work to inhibit the enzyme responsible for melanin synthesis, reduce melanin spots and protect against aging of the skin.


  • Lightens skin due to active ingredients of diacetyl boldine, ascophyllum nodosum extract, and glabridin-rich licorice extract
  • Prevention of melanin transfer and decrease in melanin production
  • Skin is more luminous, smoother and clearer
  • Gradual and significant effects can be seen over a 90 days usage
  • Gentle formulation helps to heal sensitive skin dsdad


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